My Art Therapy Journey

It’s hard to believe I am here.

No…it’s really hard to believe I am here.

Today was a rough one.  It didn’t go down smooth.  You know you need to put the flashers on and call for backup when the first thing you wake up to is a no-show refrigerator repair man (who intentionally blocks his phone number and leaves you with no means of contacting him after you miss his call) who you’ve anticipated for over a week.  But he did leave his name…I’m sorry to all the Pete’s I meet for the rest of my life who I just seem to not like for some reason now.

But really, today was so bad I’m not really going to say too much about it because I’m afraid to get it going again after it has just nearly ended.   Just try to believe me when I say it was over more than just not having cold milk.

It was a little more life and death than that.  At least for me.

But I am still coming through on my word.  I took these photos today.  I’m proud of myself that I haven’t had to resort to digging into photo reserves to keep this blog alive.

I’m trying to keep from having to go there…because there’s not a whole lot of reserves for me right now.  So, I’m always so thankful for the light that’s there for me everyday, even on the days I just want to be over…forever.


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