My Art Therapy Journey


Exploring Life With Light…my Art Therapy Journey.

Thoughts and visual reflections on life, art, and what it all means to me.

My name is Heather.  I don’t actually look like I do in this picture.  I’m not sure I ever really did, all blown out by the sun.  But I like to believe, or at least imagine, that there is always some light in my life.  So, although the light might have distorted my features, I hope for it to show my soul in complete realness.  I come here in good times and in bad, but rarely when I cannot connect to some emotion.  Numbness, which once served as a safety net for my life, is something I have grown to see as a personal death sentence…often, self-imposed.  I am here to share pieces of my life in all it’s glory…because the further I move along this journey I’m learning I’m not alone.  That’s my faith speaking because so often I still battle the shame and loneliness of  the pain and isolation that led me to writing, creating…to all art.  But if I can look one sentence deeper, I recognize that the darknesses I have experienced have been carried here by the light to be spoken… To be shared in the full brightness of day to transform the darkness-to transform me-to turn me into the abundance of  my birth and reveal itself.  To be baptized by Life, Light and Love…a trinity of sorts.