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Life is ever-expanding!  Right before coming here to post I learned I can actually buy an attachable lens for my iPhone!?  What?  Maybe if I get one I can take some pictures from this paleolithic photog cage I’ve kept myself in.

I am excited about this newest discovery, but I’m wondering if it borders on too much of a  “gadget.”  Does anybody know?  I for sure don’t!  Believe me, I am reserving ALL  judgements about everything photography, (maybe indefinitely!) after my rude awakening from my prissy analog attitude I once protected from the digital light!

I have taken a lot of Instagram shots and even though I have 3 more editing apps now I haven’t found the right combination of time and energy to begin using them.   It makes me cringe to know there’s so much more I can play around with, and I’m still not playing as deep there as would like to.


The word of the last week has been *BUSY* paired with *Follow-Thru*, and for a happy trio *Patience* has had to sneak in by necessity.   So I’ve been super freaky busy working on my projects, but I can’t say that any single one has made it to completion. (YET.  It will!)

This is actually one of my favorite states to be in. While nothing is yet done, so much is getting done!   Everything is in a frenzy of movement, going somewhere with so much forceful purpose it has no idea where or when it might land.  This is The Beautiful Unknown.

On my porch I have plywood patiently waiting for sanding, paint and assemblage.  In the garage I have wood waiting to be turned into a table for my sewing machine which is waiting to finish up a stuffed cat I started over a month ago, and the front room awaits the crafting supplies (for making art dolls, art journals, cards…) I am moving there from their former residence in the family room. The basement walls quietly wait for the canvas that is waiting for paint….because I’m starting an anticipated painting class I haven’t even had the chance to say anything about!

Everything is so moving and still in my life now.  The tension is killer.  Thrilling!

I know I’m getting closer to the deepest place of creativity when life starts looking and feeling like this. Something is about to pop…My life is 10 months pregnant!

Wish me luck on the delivery!

Gotta fly…the baby (turned toddler) is awake!  And she…does not wait! : )